Equal Rights Equal Opportunity Project

In 2018, before we were a non profit organization, we embarked on a project to assist Equal Rights Equal Opportunity.
In 2018, before we were a non profit organization, we embarked on a project to assist Equal Rights Equal Opportunity.

Equal Rights Equal Opportunity (EREO) a Non-Governmental Organization in Vanadzor, Armenia needs permanent space to fulfill their mission – aiding the disabled in the municipality of Vanadzor. In most advanced countries there are government agencies that makes sure persons with a disability have opportunities and independence. One day Armenia we will get there too.

Their need came to the attention of three individuals who decided to work together to make EREO’s wish to find a permanent space a reality.

Timothy Straight of Yerevan, Armenia is the founder of Homeland Development Initiative Foundation in Armenia, he is also Finnish Honorary Consul and Norwegian Honorary Consul in Armenia. Timothy has been acting as EREO mentor. Timothy brought awareness to the need for permanent space for EREO that has been forced to relocate multiple times – Members whose physical disability makes it a challenge to relocate frequently. As a public figure and diplomat, Timothy has also been working to raise funds for the group through his contacts in Yerevan and around the world.

George Keushgerian of Pasadena, California, USA is CEO of TwinPeaks On Line a software company with a development team of programmers in Yerevan, Armenia. As a major benefactor to the EREO, George committed to purchasing a property in Vanadzor and lease it for $0.00 for ten years.

Shahe Momjian of Longboat Key, Florida, USA. Retired technology professional initiated the appeal to raise enough funds to cover the cost of changes necessary to make the property accessible to the disabled. He committed to raise $15,000 using GoFundMe crowd funding platform.

EREO was able to find a 77 square meter (about 800 square foot) ground floor property located on Tumanyan 9a street in Vanadzor. EREO was also able to get permission from the municipality of Vanadzor to build a playground in front of the building, as well as a 12 meter ramp for wheelchair access. The asking price of the property was $22,000.

George Keushgerian purchased the property and leased it for $0 per month for ten years to EREO.

Shahe Momjian and Timothy Straight raised about $15,000 to allow EREO to modify the property to make it accessible to the disabled.