How we lent 4400 Dollars to a Taxi Driver I Just Met

On Foundation business in Armenia, few days after arriving in Yerevan, I met up with Tim Sraight and Kirk Wallace for dinner.  Tim has been in Armenia for 21 years, besides being the Finnish Honorary Consul in Armenia, and Norwegian Honorary Consul in Armenia Knight of the First Order he runs Homeland Development Initiative Foundation one of the largest if not the largest social enterprises in Armenia. Kirk is developing hydroponic farming in Armenia – a soilless farming system that relies on nutrients from fish waste.  During dinner, I mentioned that I am working through the details to loan a taxi driver who I just met 4,000 dollars. Their reaction was immediate. Their body language was clear: “You are an idiot; you need to learn the ways of the old Soviet republic”.   I am writing this blog, to which the final chapter will not be written for some time.  Although not advised, Tim suggests that if I go through with this, to at least make sure that there is a notarized contract.  I am writing this because I could not coherently explain why I am going through making $4400 available to a complete stranger.  Continue reading “How we lent 4400 Dollars to a Taxi Driver I Just Met”