Equal Rights Equal Opportunity Visit Report 20 September 2021

September 13, 2021 to September 24 2021 Travel to Armenia to check on projects the Foundation is monitoring.  This report details the progress made by Equal Rights Equal Opportunity since the organization was entrusted with a facility in Vanadzor, Armenia purchased by George Keushgerian and funded by his friends. 

Facility renovation and upgrade

1. Heating system installed – Donated by Ayo Project Donation
2. Security system installed
3. Electrical wiring upgraded –
4. Nonslip carpeting installed
5. Window treatment – Donated by Ayo
6. Wheelchair ramp to main entrance
7. Accessible bathroom with grab bars – Donated by Ayo
8. Larger wheelchair accessible doors – Donated by Ayo

Major Programs

  • EREO is partnering with AGATE -http://agatengo.org/ and Mobility International USA – https://www.miusa.org to build up capacity to train 25 individuals with various disabilities (vision, mobility, hearing, mental) to become independent. Then identify 3 to 5 individuals for further training to place them in gainful employment.
    This project was funded ($93,976) in March by USAID. USAID came to observe because they found EREO’s program to be effective.
    EREO’s main functions will be to:
    1. Peer support and mentoring. To encourage people with disability to share personal and professional experience about disability and challenges.
    2. Information and Referral to answer questions to identify specific training and job opportunities.
    3. Advocacy – Work to change laws and to bring public awareness.
  • Green Line NGO – https://www.facebook.com/GreenLineArmenia is providing funding by laying landscaping outside the building. The plan is to place green shrubbery and ground covering that would withstand winter season, that would require little maintenance.
  • EREO is forming a social enterprise called EREOstyle that would make available space for the public. Visitors will be able to have refreshments and participate in creative activity such creating buttons, necklaces, brooches, and other items with interesting designs that they can take with them when completed.
  • Check EREO published a magazine. The content is found here.


Time Deposit     Value on 26/12/2018                     4,820,000 AMD (10,000 USD)
Value on 2/2/2022                          5,729,044 AMD (11,604 USD)

Savings Account                                                                  1,719  USD